Saturday, August 22, 2015

Going Bananas

I went to the City Market

Now I have bananas

Going to eat them this week, but it's a LOT of bananas.  Only cost $6. 48 bananas with the average being 3 bananas in a pound means they were about 37cents a pound.  That's close to half price over what I see in the stores today

Good deal or not - that's  a lot of bananas  So I looked up recipes for bananas  Came across several face masks  One thing about getting healthier and exercising more is a desire to take care of myself everywhere.  You can tell when I'm not eating right and not exercising.  Even before it shows on my body it shows on my face.  When I am in the groove I like to do facials and wear makeup and all that stuff.

that's where I am now, so I decided to make a mask.  Took some photos to share.  No dewy young glowing skin that gives false hope.  I have 48 year old - we really didn't know any better in the late 70s - early 80's, I swear we didn't - skin.

to do this I used 1/2 of a banana (ate the other half)
half a lemon (put the other half in my water)
a few drops of milk (drank the rest of the cup)

This home spa treatment is really affecting my calorie balance today.  LOL

Squished the banana into mush, added the juice from the lemon and a few drops of milk  Squished it until it was a nice gummy paste.  Pulled my hair back and smeared some of the goo on.  Got some in my mouth - darn that's tasty.  I am going to work on a pudding with bananas and lemon.  Most of it made it to my face.  I did put some on my neck and upper chest as well.  

Then I set a timer for 20 min.  All of the facial things I saw online said to wait until it turned brown - but I'm pretty sure that lemon juice keeps bananas from turning brown.  20 min seemed like a good amount of time.

If I'm going to sit for that long I might as go all the way, so I sliced a cucumber.  

Then I sat back and waited

It didn't really turn brown, though some of the thicker areas got darker.

Looking super attractive there.

Washed it off with cool water.  Came off easier than I thought it would.  My last homemade oatmeal mask took roughly FOREVER to clean up from the bathroom sink.

Immediately afterwards my face felt tighter.  My eyes were irritated because the cucumbers slipped and when I put them back I got banana and lemon in my eye.  So the cukes had the opposite effect of what I was going for.  I also had some redness in areas where I tend to breakout or get blackheads.

20 min later my face still felt tighter, but not as tight and it was very soft.  The redness had faded too. 

Not a bad home facial and I think I will do it again.  The price was right - even with using a whole banana.  I will be a LOT more careful next time if I use the cucumbers.  Or maybe I'll just skip that part.


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