Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yay! Just Yay!

Just looks like a pipe in the grass, right?  Well it is, but the direction it's pointing is why I am so happy this morning.  The last time I went this path they had it pointed to the sidewalk.  The jerks who own the home put the exhaust pipe for their sump pump to the side of the house and aimed it towards the sidewalk.  Nothing like getting an ankle sprayed with someone's basement water when you go for a run.  It wasn't always like that.  At some point a year or so ago, they made this choice.  The sidewalk there was disintegrating and walking or running past was not pleasant.  Especially in the winter when everything would be ice.  That part may still be a problem since as you can see, it' still close to the road and still causing water to cover the sidewalk.  

For today it was nice to be able to run past and not have water spraying at me, but at the grass instead.

Did a couple of miles.  My first run since the milk fast.  Felt good and the weather was PERFECT.  It was also nice that my whole family, well at least those that live with me, were out of the house and on the road by 5:30am.  Kid did 1 mile, I did 2 and hubbie did 5.  Big kids all slept in at their respective apartment.s  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Superhero Mike

I love this picture.  Mike ran in the 2nd ever Hospital Hill half marathon and he did it again this year - the 41st.    His time this year was under 2.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Days 13 & 14

13 was the easiest day.  Forgot to take my b/p though.  Just got sidetracked.

energy - good.  It was a work day, but I didn't have any issues at all.  even being a Saturday!  Saturdays can be rough.  My drinking schedule was off by a bit because I forgot to freeze my ice packs so I didn't take milk with me in the morning.  Still got my 3 quarts, just not spread out as much as I would have liked.

exercise - stood and made balloons for about 6 hours

allergies - great.  Even after I loaded the aprons.  the dust from inside balloons always makes me sniffly when  have to load aprons, but I was ok for the whole day.

Day 14
Last day!

b/p 116/73
energy - very good
allergies - breathing clear
exercise - same as Saturday, only I did balloons for about 4 hours instead.

It's been an interesting two weeks.  Not food wise of course.  I'm pretty bored with milk.  I'll still be drinking a lot for the next week though.  I am going to start by adding one meal a day for a couple of days and then go up to normal gradually.  No need to shock my system.

I was happy to see my b/p go down and the way my allergies feel.

I was VERY happy to see that one of my tophi has is totally invisible.  Might still be there under the skin, but you can't see it and the 2nd one is noticeably smaller.  No sign of a gout flare up pending, but I don't have them that often, so I won't credit the milk fast with that.  Hopefully if I keep eating clean I'll see the 2nd tophi go away and I won't have a occurrence.

overall this was a very good experience and I will do it again at some point in the future.  Might do a mini one of 3 days or so more often - but a big one maybe once a year.

Oh, and I lost 12lbs.  I usually gain when I consume 1900 calories a day, but I did lose.  I wasn't trying to, need to, but that wasn't my goal for this.   Just a happy side effect.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 12

Down to the home stretch

b/p 117/73
allergies - congested, but I had to load balloon aprons and the dust always gets to me
energy - good, a bit tired in the morning, but not bad otherwise
exercise - making balloons for hours

the heat killed me yesterday.  It was brutal with a heat index of way over 100.  At least today is not supposed to be that bad.  Got down to 71 last night, which helps cool things off a bit.  No more hunger.  Not like the day before.  Overall this has been a very easy fast.

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Raw Milk Fast - Day 10/11

Got too busy to post yesterday about Day 10, so two for one

Day 10

b/p  120/74
allergies - very mild
energy  - Very good.
exercise - 20 min on the bike and lots of lifting around the house

nothing really different to report.  b/p is still high because son still won't let me have some peace.  Not sure what he's looking for, but I don't think it's what he thinks he's looking for.  I gave him what he wanted - I have no problem stepping back and letting him enjoy his life with a woman too lazy to apply for welfare (not making that up)  I think he's looking for my approval and that he won't get.  The end result is that he calls and I get stressed.  I don't get stressed about a lot of things, but kid stuff hits you in a different place.  It's hard not to feel pain when you know something is hurting one of your children, even when that thing is the kid in question.

my daughter's cat in a tutu being forced to dance by her boyfriend.  Just because it made me smile.  Don't think it did much for the cat's mood though.  LOL

Day 11

b/p 118/74
allergies - very mild
energy - good
exercise - some time on the bike.  Not enough probably, spent too much time running around with the oldest kid.

First day in awhile where I was hungry for something besides milk.  I had a very hard time resisting the urge to eat, but I didn't crave bad foods.  A very big step forward for me!  I know I go on and on about that, but it's so huge for me to NOT want the bad stuff.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 9

9 down, 5 to go.

Today's check in
b/p  120/78.  Higher than normal, but only because it skyrocketed last night.  The back story is that I have a son who is an addict.  Currently he's traded drugs for a toxic relationship. (she is pregnant with her drug dealer's baby and he gave up an excellent job and his sobriety to work in a chicken house and take care of her while she stays home.  Baby daddy doesn't plan to contribute)    Said son called to complain to and about us, and though I didn't actually talk to him I could hear him over the phone and it was upsetting to say the least.  b/p was 163/95 last night.  I'm happy it has dropped.  I think the clean eating helped as did meditation and reminding myself
  • I Didn't Cause It
  • I Can't Control It
  • I Can't Cure It
For a long time I didn't say much publicly about his problem, but I don't feel the need to be ashamed anymore.  I have 4 children and did my best to raise them all.  One chose drugs, stealing and lying at an early (13) age and I tried for years to stop it.  I did what I could.  It's time for him to heal himself. He's 21 and I can't fix him.
energy - pretty good all day.  Got quite a bit done.  Even dyed my hair, which it sorely needed.  Normally I go for a darkish violet.  This time I added some aqua bangs.
exercise - Got up early and went for what was supposed to be a 3 mile walk/run.  I probably should NOT have had the milk right before going out.  The sloshing in my tummy threw me off and I felt awful, so it was a 1 mile outing with some yoga afterwards.

I'm having zero cravings lately.  I know I've mentioned that before, but it's just so exciting.  I've always been one who has a hard time to resisting certain foods and I'm not feeling that at all right now!  I've actually been thinking about what I am going to without so much milk every day.  I'll still be drinking raw milk, but obviously not every meal.  when I first started I wondered how people managed to do 30 day milk fasts.  I have never found it easy, even with juice.  Now I can see how easy it would be to do.   I'm trying to pick out my first meal when I eat again.  Leaning towards my fermented eggplant with tomato sauce and a salad.  None of my tomatoes will be ready but I can get some from the Liberty Market this weekend.  Or maybe I'll have black lentils and some fresh salsa.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  All I can say for sure right now is that it will be clean and not pesticide infused.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 8

Less than a week remaining!

b/p: 118/73
allergies:  as always some congestion when I woke up, but I'm not sure sleeping next to the fan doesn't contribute to that.  Pretty good all day otherwise.
energy: good.  got lots of housework done
exercise:  20 min on the bike

Most common question this week?  Don't you have to spend your entire day in the bathroom?

ummm, no.  I do pee more than normal, but I'm drinking 3 quarts of milk a day and adding water to that.

My best friend lives in NW Arkansas and she is trying to find raw milk where she lives, but it's hard.  It's only been a year since sales were legal.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's able to locate some and that it becomes more common.  It's a rough area for natual though.  Lots of hippie types so you might think otherwise, but also a LOT of big AG and the Walmart hq, so money money money to keep the little farmer/merchant down.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Managing something similar to productive. :-)

I have not gotten what I planned to get done, but I managed to have a productive day none the less.  Even got a happy picture where you can still see my eyes.  Usually when I smile for photos my eyes just vanish into slits.  That alone makes this photo my happy for #100happydays

Raw Milk Fast - Day 7

It's been a week, and I don't think the 2nd week will be too rough.  Kind of in a groove now.

b/p 118/78
allergies- not too bad.  again, some congestion when I wake up, but the rest of the day was pretty clear
energy - good, didn't need a nap at all
exercise - another work day for me.

resisting the smell of chinese food was harder than the pizza.

I'm drinking more water.  At first I was drinking it, then a couple of days in it was mostly milk.  Now I'm back to water.  I think at first I was having a harder time telling the difference between hunger and thirst.   Cravings continue to be fairly non-existent.  I don't want sweet, I don't want salty, I don't feel the need to devour cheese.  I'm good.

I do have a tiny amount of sweet in my water.  I infuse the water with lemon, mint and a few stevia leaves.  Most people would not say it tastes sweet, but I can taste it.

stevia leaves

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 6

Last of a long work weekend.  Mostly long because I wasn't prepared for working my normal weekend while fasting.  Will be ready by next weekend.

Busked outside of Scooters today.  It's my preferred place on the Plaza.  I like the people, not so many I get overwhelmed, but enough to keep me busy.  It's nice to have time to interact with all the folks.

b/p  117/74
energy - good most of the day, but I kind of faded a bit in the evening.
allergies - much  much less.  Some minor congestion when I woke up and followed by a couple of bouts of congestion, but very few actual sinus problems
exercise - balloons, balloons and more balloons  I did mention that my job can be physically demanding, right?

After work we met up with the oldest boy. He works at a pizza joint and got us a nice gluten free pizza for my husband and daughter.  I thought it would be harder to resist a good pizza, but it really wasn't a problem at all.  I'm finding my cravings are very reduced.  

Another very happy side effect is that I am seeing a more dramatic reduction in the size of the tophi on my finger.  It's noticeable and changing size more rapidly than I expected.

Some weight loss too.  I always lose/gain weight in my face first, so you can see the change in these two photos.  

The front camera on my phone is kinda crap, so the quality is grainy.  Guess that's what happens when you drop it a zillion times.  Still I think you can see what I'm talking about.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 5

Yesterday was my first work day while doing this fast.  It went well up until about 8pm.  Started to feel tired and draggy.  Likely it was a combination of not bringing enough milk with me for 6 hours of work and the fact that the work was in the sun.  Today I am going to plan better.  Especially since today I will be working for about 12 hours.  If I count what I do as fishing while sitting (I use a stool sometimes) I will burn a couple of thousand calories at work today.  Fishing while sitting or standing is as close as I could come up with for the motions of balloon making.

Got to listen to Marvin play while I worked.  That was nice.

Dan was out too.  He's heading off to CO soon.  Going to miss him for the rest of the summer.

b/p:  117/73
allergies:  bouts of being totally clear followed by bouts of being very congested
energy - pretty good all day.  Was exhausted when I got home, but that's normal for a work day
exercise - see above.  I worked at my job and that is my workout for the day.

I have noticed a decrease in at least one of my tophi.  The one on my finger is still about the same, but there is a very clear size reduction in the one on my thumb.  Not sure if I can credit the milk fast though.  Whatever the reason, I am happy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 4

b/p  117/76
allergies - some congestion on waking, a little during the day
energy - SUCKED in the morning.  exhausted exhausted exhausted, until about 6pm then I felt like I had just ingested a pot of coffee and had all sort of energy.  then my  mind wouldn't shut up so I could go to sleep.

That's never been me.  I have a million things to think about before sleep and last night it felt like 2 million.
exercise - lots of housework.  Trying to minimize the amount of stuff I own, so that it doesn't own me and I've been going through everything.

Detox was heavy in the morning.  I felt like I was experiencing hot flashes with all the sweating.  I was hot, everyone else kept saying it wasn't hot.  The tired that I talked about.  Brain fog - couldn't remember the words for anything.  Them BAM it was gone.  I got up great this morning, not tired, not begging for extra sleep - or just taking it like yesterday.  Lots of energy and a great mood.

I didn't have my kombucha yesterday.  Just didn't have the urge.  I have noticed that I don't see my trigger foods and want them either.  Cheese is a huge one for me.  I see cheese and then I eat cheese.  It's hard to resist when I am fasting - but right now I can see it and not want it.  Same goes for chocolate.  The amount of milk I drank yesterday decreased a little too.  A couple of times I wasn't hungry when it was time for my glass.  I don't force myself when I'm not hungry, so I skipped those.  They were both in the evening.  Trying to keep the water up though.  Added some mint from the garden to my water.  Very tasty.

Today will be interesting since it's my first work day after starting the fast.  Ballooning can be intense and exhausting.  Will see how it goes.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 3

b/p  123/80  
allergies:  congested in the morning, but less so.  Later in the day I had some pain in my throat.  Just a little sore, not burning or anything
energy:  Good  energy.  short nap - maybe 20 min or so.
exercise:  Lots of housework, but not much else.

definitely going through detox.  It's gentler than with other fasts I've had, but I can feel it.  Energy is flagging a bit this morning, but I worked hard yesterday, so I couldn't tell you what caused it - the milk diet or the workout.  Likely the second.  I got plenty of calories yesterday.  

I cant' say there is any difference in my gout.  Or anything else really.  Too soon into this to be leaping to conclusions.

I've been asked a couple of questions about the raw milk.  Aren't I afraid?  & Is it legal?

I'm not afraid of raw milk.  I've been the farm I buy from and Scott & Rachel maintain fantastic standards.  It's how they make their living, they don't want to jeopardize that.    Also people are hurt far more often from factory approved foods.  Just recently there was another outbreak of ecoli in hamburger sold in my area.  

You could tell me that it does happen -but "it" does happen with lots and lots of food.  3330 people found that out from eating their veggies in the past decade.

Is it legal?

Not everywhere.  It is where I live, but the rules vary widely across the US & Canada.

Meanwhile in Europe you can buy it in vending machines

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Minimizing the stuff

Stuff weighs you down.  I have way too much stuff.  The problem is that stuff also attaches itself to you and can be very hard to get rid of.  I have spent some time this morning trying to detach myself from some of my possessions.  I don't want to be owned by my things anymore.

One of the hardest things to get rid of has been shoes.

I have a LOT of shoes.  I love them.  They are like art to me. I collect them and enjoy just looking at them sometimes..  However I am not going to wear some of them.  Somebody else might, so I got rid of 10 pair.  I need to get rid of more, but as I said, you get attached.  10 was a good start.  After pair 5 it got a bit easier to put them in the box.  Went back and tossed in a couple that I had left our originally.

clothes, plates, water bottles....anything we had too much of and were not using.  gone gone gone.  More to do, but one day at a time.  At the moment about 50lbs of stuff has left my house.  Another 50lbs tomorrow (stuff can weigh a lot!)

I am me purge!

Raw Milk Fast - Day 2

Yesterday was the day I meet my "milk dealer" in a parking lot.  yes, that's right, I buy my milk from the back of a van in a parking lot.  LOL

b/p  123/78  
allergies:  congested in the morning.  Later in the day I had a lot of drainage and pressure in my back sinuses.  So did my husband and kid.  I'm thinking something was lurking in the air.
energy:  More energy.  No nap.
exercise:  stationary bike, 3 20min sessions

Evening craving for food was an issue again.  It's not the food really, just the act of eating.  It comes when I am cooking dinner for the family.  I want to sit down and eat with them.  

I don't have hunger during the day. Spreading the milk out means I am  constantly getting something in, so hunger isn't an issue.  Lots of time in the bathroom, but mostly because I have to pee.  With juice fasting the first day or so meant lots of time in the bathroom too - but not just because I had to pee.  Had a bit of that yesterday, but not nearly as much.  Even though it's juiced there is still quite a bit of fiber in the liquid veggies.  Not as much as eating them of course, but more than with milk.  

Woke up with runny eyes.  Not sure if that belongs under allergies or if it's die off.  Days 2-5 are usually when I experience die off.  Did have a bit of dizziness and fogginess yesterday, but not the night sweating.  Breakouts are just starting.  Always on my back first.  Good thing I don't plan on wearing a swimsuit this week.  Interesting thing about my skin problems when I am detoxing. I always get pimples, but not whiteheads exactly.  There are waxy plugs in the bumps.  It's not like they are old pimples as I have seen suggested online.  It only happens when I am detoxing.  So far I've dealt with it by taking hot showers and using scrub on my face made with honey, sugar and castille soap.  Seems to help.  In a few days my skin will be looking great.  A nice side effect to fasting - I always get great skin.  It lingers until I start eating badly again.  Goal this time is to keep eating clean after the fast.  Not that it's not always a goal, but I'm dedicating myself to it again.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ad that got my attention

ads are supposed to grab your attention and make you want to click.  This one got my attention all right and I've been in a mood ever since.

Answers to the question posed in the ad:

You can't have her because she's 14 or 15! 

or maybe she is legal and the answer is that you can't have her because you spend too much time trying to trick women into dating you instead of developing interests and finding women who share those. I don't think 95% of men make the same mistakes with women. Just 100% of the people willing to spend hundreds on this program.

How about you can't have her because she's not property to be possessed?

I did some research ( I googled the site in question and reviews of it)  Even more reason to want to vomit.  There seems to be a part on how to date a model and this is from a review site. 

That's what gets me.  Why do women have to be sweet as sugar?  Why do all men have every "right" to be with a woman who is banging hot?  

Here is a test you can take to see if you deserve to be with a woman who is super model hot.

Have you ever been confused with Chris Hemsworth - or are you ACTUALLY Chris Hemsworth?  You know, Thor?  If you can not be mistaken for a god then maybe you don't have the "right" to be with a woman who could be mistaken for a goddess.  

Just saying

This crap is fed to us all the time.  On tv you get guys who are with women WAY out of their leagues.  They have neither the looks or bank account to warrant such a prize.  You see average looking men on tv, but you do not see average looking women - unless they are the plain jane friend.  Day in and day out it's there in print, online, movies, tv - every media we have is sending the message that all guys deserve porn stars and women are less than if they don't look like porn stars.  

Women who are healthy and fit, but not twig skinny are termed fat.  Women who have breasts in proportion to their body are flat chested.   Eating disorders are treated as a lifestyle and clothing is vanity sized to make everyone feel thinner - because you're nothing if you're not thin.  Every day I'm grateful that I have managed to raise daughters who can see through the nonsense.  Guess I should say children, my sons dont' seem to buy into it either.  Maybe it was because for so much of their childhood I was obese.  That didn't make me less of a person, so they learned that women don't have to be "perfect" to be perfect.  

I'm working on being a perfect person who is healthy too.  That's what I want depicted in media, healthy bodies and healthy attitudes about what women should look like. I don't want girls (and guys) to see these kinds of messages any more.  I don't think that's too much to ask for.

Training for Jane - June 9

I have been getting in tons of steps.  No small feat since it's my busy season.  Ballooning is harder than it looks and burns a ton of calories, but doesn't result in very many steps.

Today isn't a balloon day, so I'll have to burn my calories someplace else.  I have a ton of crocheting to do for an event this weekend.

so today I'll be stationary biking it.  3 sessions of 20 min.  Trying to spread activity throughout the day.  Keep the blood pumping and not falling prey to the disease of too much sitting.

I have a boring, inexpensive, but gets the job done stationary bike.

This is my dream one.

for no other reason that it looks pretty cool!

Raw Milk Fast - Day 1

Day 1 - 

b/p  127/78  Better than yesterday.  Still in the pre-hypertension stage, but much more normal for me than the reading I got yesterday.
allergies:  congested when I got up, mildly sniffly since then.
energy:  about the same as yesterday.  not go go go, but not sleep sleep sleep.  Just kind of muddling through.
exercise:  stationary bike, 3 20min sessions

Overall, felt good.  Still a bit lethargic, but I really do miss the sunshine.  I should never move to Seattle or London.  Can't handle this much rain.  Wasn't really hungry, but did have to fight off the craving for eating.  Not food, but the act of eating.  

I've been trying to drink the milk evenly throughout the day.  Can't do every half hour like the milk cure, but I can manage every hour.  If I drink 6oz every hour I am awake that's 3 quarts.  Then I'll also have my water and kombucha when I'm thirsty, not hungry.  Three quarts is between 1800-1900 calories depending on who does the figuring.  If I stay moderately active that should be a good amount.   If I feel bloated or like I am gaining weight, I'll cut back

I'm not a fan of washing dishes, so I am drinking from a pint sized mason jar.  They have measurements and I don't need to get a measuring cup dirty too.  It may be just one extra dish, but if I am doing this 18 times a day, that's 18 extra dishes to wash out every time.  A few seconds here and there add up to a lot in my life.  I have about a billion things I'm already  not getting to on my list.  After I drink my milk, I rinse the jar and refill it to the 6oz line.  Then it's ready for next time.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Raw Milk Fast

I often use fasting as a way to cleanse my body when I've ingested gluten.  I can have a pretty severe reaction to it and fasting seems to help me recover.

I've done water fasting and several rounds of juice fasting, but this time I've decided to try a milk fast or "milk cure" depending which articles your read. I'll do a 14 day fast this time around.  I'll have to increase the amount of milk I purchase for the month, because from what I've read I'll need more than the 1 1/2 gallons a week we buy  now.  most people drink between 1/2 & 1 gallon a day.  I'll schedule another milk pick up on Friday since we get 2 gallons on Tuesday.  That should give me enough & keep my fridge from being over full.  Also it means the milk will be fresher.

With the milk "cure" bed rest was advocated.  Not going to happen in my life.  I will tone it down if I have to because I'm not feeling it, but otherwise, it will be life as normal.  Also if I find that I am not doing well, I'll just discontinue the whole thing.  Not everything works for everybody, so I'll see how my body does with this thing.  In addition to the milk I'll be having filtered water and 1 bottle of kombucha a day.

What I'll be "eating" for the next couple of weeks.

Day 0- This was getting ready day.  Ate very light and all clean foods.  Drank normally and had a bottle of kombucha.  

b/p  143/81  Didn't expect it to be that high, I'll have to keep an eye on that.
allergies: sniffly, but not too bad
energy - hit or miss all day.  not sure how much of my lagging was due to the gray day outside and how much was from just not eating much.
exercise:  I was lazy, so just whatever I got while doing housework.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hospital Hill

My oldest kiddo is running her first half marathon this weekend.  I'm excited for her.  Wasn't thrilled about driving her to packet pickup though.  Runners may be friendly during the race, but not so much in a parking garage.  It amazes me that people getting ready to run 13.1 miles will go insane about getting a parking space 5 feet closer to the entrance.   People are nuts sometimes.

Oh well, we survived the parking garage and the countdown is on for her first half.

Go Susi!