Monday, July 24, 2017


4 moths ago today I decided to be vegan.  Why?  Because I have diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, gout and a desire to not have those things any more.  So far so good.  My bp is normal, my blood sugar is getting there, I haven't had a gout attack in the past 4 months and I've lost some weight.

And I feel good.

Yeah, some days it sucks to not have the junk foods I crave.  Having a stroke sucked more and while a vegan diet might now work for everyone it does for me.  I feel better and am getting healthier.

I didn't have a problem giving up the stuff I thought I could never live without.  I just had to choose myself over the bad foods.  I had to choose my health over my childish need to consume.  I had to choose life over death.

and for 4 months I have.

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