Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The good behind the bad

I've had computer issues so I have not been able to keep up with blogging and logging like I should.  Got that fixed and while not making myself log or exercise or write down a blog to type in later - something I totally planned to do, none of those "bad" days were like this one.

By all outward accounts not a single thing happened to make this a bad day.  I'm in a pretty good mood, nothing stressful.  What went wrong was my 3 mile walk/run.  It was HARD   <em>198</em>   So much harder than 3 miles should be for me.  I couldn't settle into a pace that was good.  I couldn't catch my breath (though that was probably mostly my head making my body react)  I ached, I hurt, I focused on all of that.

And I wanted so much to quit.

That's where the good part comes in.

I didn't.

I did the whole route.  After a certain point it makes more sense to continue than turn around anyway, because it's longer to go back.  Every fiber of my being from my mind to my body to my soul wanted to be done with this outing.

And now that I am done, sitting here with my drink and my 15k steps for the day so far - I feel good.  I hated it, I didn't want to do it and if I had been on my cell phone I would have complained the whole way.  But all of that negativity didn't stop me.  Once upon a time even the slightest owie would have been reason to stop or not go out at all.  I won't work through actual pain or injury, but I'm learning the difference between my mind trying to quit and my body actually needing stop

So in the end, my "bad day" was an NSV in disguise!

One of my favorite shirts from one more mile

find it here

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