Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ronco Chiptastic thing

Total impulse buy.

I like chips, but know better than to eat them very often.  I sometimes make kale chips - love kale chips, hate every other form of kale, but love kale chips.  Still sometimes I want something more like a traditional potato chip.

Saw this at Target and said, what the heck, let's give it a try.  It works in the microwave and doesn't use oil.

Got home and immediately tried it.  Didn't even finish putting things away first.  I'm a kid like that sometimes.

The mandolin wasn't bad, cut the cips thin enough.  I didn't peel the potato, I never do for anything unless I must.  Patted the slices dry and sprinkled with a bit of lemon pepper.  Too much lemon pepper - but I didn't know that at the time.

Microwaved for about 10 min and then had some wonderful potato crisps to munch on.  NOT the same as chips from a bag, but I didn't expect them to be.  Fried things are fried, baked things are baked and microwaved are zapped - they all give different tastes.  

The thinness made them light and snack worthy.  I'm excited to try it again with other spices or at least less lemon pepper.  I get a wonderful jalapeno spice from thy guy at the market (I've known him since he was 11 and he's in med school now - super hard to believe, not sure where time goes)  I also have a huge assortment of spices I get from them so I see my bag of potatoes going quickly.

I'm also excited to try other types of chips - various veggies and maybe apples.  The chiptastic came with a recipe book but I haven't read it.  I don't usually read instructions first if I think I can figure it out on my own.  I consider that part of my charm but I think it makes my husband a bit nuts since he practically memorizes the directions before he starts ANYTHING!

Verdict on my impulse buy?  

I would buy it again!

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