Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Tophi

I decided to post a photo of my tophi, however mild, because I didn't see many photos of mild tophi on the web.  The advanced photos are horrific.  I'm determined to get things under control and keep them there, so I never reach that stage.  I'll add a photo, you'll see why.

Barely visible yellow bumps.  They are much more lumpy than they photographed.  Like having small peas under the skin.  Nobody except me would notice them, but I did and I obsess about them.  They are not painful, but left untreated (and likely without diet modification) they can become this

Nope Nope Nope Nope - don't want that.  

This is what I think about whenever I decide to eat something not on my diet.  This is why I am a vegetarian.  I do NOT want to go there.  I work with my hands, so it's terrifying to face the loss - especially in such a painful way.  I can't imagine the hand in the second photo could make a balloon animal.  at least not without terrifying a child!

So, now I'm a vegetarian, making even more careful choices about my diet.  As soon as my insurance kicks in next month I will see a doctor for medical treatment, though I would prefer natural therapies if they work.

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  1. Hello, I am too suffering from the same. Although mild, but feels disgusting. What are you doing to treat it? Please mail me on coolsajsidd(at)(g)mail(dot)com