Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Tophi

I decided to post a photo of my tophi, however mild, because I didn't see many photos of mild tophi on the web.  The advanced photos are horrific.  I'm determined to get things under control and keep them there, so I never reach that stage.  I'll add a photo, you'll see why.

Barely visible yellow bumps.  They are much more lumpy than they photographed.  Like having small peas under the skin.  Nobody except me would notice them, but I did and I obsess about them.  They are not painful, but left untreated (and likely without diet modification) they can become this

Nope Nope Nope Nope - don't want that.  

This is what I think about whenever I decide to eat something not on my diet.  This is why I am a vegetarian.  I do NOT want to go there.  I work with my hands, so it's terrifying to face the loss - especially in such a painful way.  I can't imagine the hand in the second photo could make a balloon animal.  at least not without terrifying a child!

So, now I'm a vegetarian, making even more careful choices about my diet.  As soon as my insurance kicks in next month I will see a doctor for medical treatment, though I would prefer natural therapies if they work.


  1. Hello, I am too suffering from the same. Although mild, but feels disgusting. What are you doing to treat it? Please mail me on coolsajsidd(at)(g)mail(dot)com

  2. hi, is like one day I was healthy and the next I'm dying. kidney stones, I think gout, and just line yours, this Small hard pimple thing on my finger, sort of goes away, then I'll hit my hand on something and there it is, painful, my elbow flared suddenly and violently and the pain I can't describe. I also had a tbi 25 years ago, and just now I've learned that it's all connected, and it's only going to get worse. I present so well that mere days after a major co2 poisoning in which survival is unheard of, I had idiot doctors actually document that they think I was faking the memory loss and confusion. I've learned it's linked to so many other issues, and I just have no idea how to live when I can't work, how to reverse or control these health issues that literally started 5 years ago and multiplied, worsened at an alarming rate. I'm almost 51. my looks, my health, my happiness, my memories, my everything seems gone. and now I have a stupid thing on my finger that just hurts and it just feels so hopeless. anyway, since I'm stubborn and in going to try fixing myself, if be ever so grateful if you would share your daily menu, your favorite support, anything at all