Sunday, April 20, 2014

Working & working out

Yesterday was my first real weekend back to work.  Being a professional balloon artist is a seasonal life.  Winter is very quiet but Spring can hit with a vengeance.

When you do it right, my job is HARD.  I have to make it look easy, but it's quite a workout.  I use My Fitness Pal to track workouts and while they don't have "making balloons" they do have fishing while standing which is kind of the same thing.  I do walk some, but not as much as people imagine.  I move my arms a lot and do a lot of squats and bending over, but not so much walking.  I didn't get a lot of steps in from work even though I burned 600 calories at the gig.

But I like my steps so I have to force myself past the exhaustion to get moving later.

My other job - crochet/knitting design - that requires a lot of sitting.  With that one I have to force myself to stop, stand up and move, but it's easier since I'm not worn out.

Today is a balloon day though.  I will be busking downtown and I'm going to be stationary, not roaming, so I'll have to remember to take steps back and forth so the fitbit knows I'm moving!  Busking can be less intensive than working a party since the lines aren't guaranteed.  Makes moving around a little easier, unless it's a swamped day.  Hoping for that kind of day though.  I love to get my steps in, but I'm pretty fond of paying the bills too.  :-)

Working or just working out today - starting over or keeping a streak alive - beginner or certified gym rat...wherever you are on your fitness path, wishing a healthy day to you!

And here's a balloon

It's a Moo-maid

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