Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gout update

So far, mostly go good

the thophi have not gotten any smaller, nor have they grown.  I took a new photo, this one angled to emphasize the one on my thumb.  It's not quite as huge as the photo suggests, but it's the biggest of the two.  It bothers me the most.  Not because it hurts, but because I know it's there.

My pain and swelling are under control.  I'm back to walking and running like normal. I did have a twinge of pain like an attack was coming on the other day - a few hours after I cheated and gave into the temptation of a brat.  I took some extra cherry and drank a lot of water.  That seemed to help because it didn't turn into an attack.  

It might have been in my mind.  There are few things I fear more than a gout flare up.  Unless you've been there it's hard to describe the pain.  

I have been looking into wheat allergy and gout.  There is some anecdotal correlation, but no studies.  It came to mind because I am very young for a woman who has gout.  The obesity didn't help, but even most obese women don't' get it in their 40s.  Especially one who never drank more than once or twice a year and didn't live off of organ meats.  Not that I need a why, it is already here.  Curiosity mostly.  

I'm determined to stay off of medication for as long as possible.  Right now diet and exercise with some cherry extract daily seem to be working for me.  I was taking capsules, but lately I bought a bottle of liquid extract and have been making my kombucha with it.  And putting it my lemon water.  A tastier alternative to pills.

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