Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The joys of menopause

Actually I guess I should say the joys of perimenopause.  Last summer I had a few hot flashes, but none in awhile. I'm still always hot at night, but that's just how I've always been.  Same with moody.  I've heard other terms used - began with a b - but I'll go with moody.  It's not new and while I do blame it on menopause, that may not be the only reason.  Facial hair - don't love that part much, but it can be plucked.   All of those things I can and have dealt with.  It's my period that's killing me!   This thing is supposed to be ending, right?  So why does it have to go out with a bang???  Cramps, backache and flooding like I've never seen.  I'm supposed to go out for a run.  I want to go out for a run, but I also have to visit the bathroom every hour to change so that I don't suffer major tampon malfunction.

I've read up on the why.  Hormone this, estrogen that.  I understand why there is so much bleeding and clotting.  Don't even get me started on the clotting.   Knowing the why doesn't make it any easier or more fun.  I feel trapped by my body.  I'm not sad that my days of having children are over.  I had plenty of them (4) and I'm enjoying this time in my life.  I just don't like being held hostage to a reproductive system I'm not using anymore.

There is one tiny upside to this new way of menstruating...It doesn't last long.  How could it when all the blood is desperately rushing to escape my body all at once?  3 days and it will be pretty  much over instead of the 5 that used to be normal for me or the 7 that some people deal with.  Today will likely be the only change every hour day.  I'll be free to go for my run tomorrow.

Until next month.

Or maybe I'll get lucky and this will be the last one.

Fingers crossed

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