Monday, October 20, 2014


I had my worst gout attack EVER and have been pretty much useless for nearly 3 weeks.  This one was in my right ankle - where it started and I hate ankle flare ups so much.  When it's the toe I can put on a slipper and still get around.  No way to avoid putting pressure on the ankle when walking, so like I said - useless.

I admire people who live with daily pain and manage to get through it and still have a life.  I don't know if I can be that tough!

This attack was brought on by the change in the weather. That's a common trigger for me and I didn't help by eating a couple of food triggers around the same time.

My workouts were not a bust though.  While I did have a day where I only walked 550 steps, I did do some upper body workouts and a few one legged squats.  If that's what you call them.  My left leg got quite a workout since it was supporting my weight.  The workout felt good and helped loosen it up.

Tomorrow I think I will be recovered enough to get a mile in.  I started wearing shoes yesterday, so that's a good sign!

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