Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yummy Coffee

The walk to pick my kid up from school was unfun to say the least.  The first quarter mile was like having my ankle sawed in half from the inside.  Then it loosened up and I was all 'this isn't so bad"  But by half a mile it was bad again.  Had time to relax while I waited for the kiddo and then things were back to "I can do this"  by the last quarter mile home I was back to the glass inside my joint cutting it's way out feeling.


I did it.

I survived and in a few days I'll be able to go even longer.

The ick of the walk was quickly forgotten when I got home.  My coffee from Red-Headed Philosopher was waiting for me!  Home all day except for that 30 min and I manage to miss them.

They put stickers on the bags.  It was a nice surprise when I unrolled them to smell the joy.

Today's latte was served in this

Not my new coffee - but I did just make a nice carafe of some.  No flavoring or creamer.  It's nice to enjoy the actual coffee flavor first.  The latte this morning was pumpkin spice.  

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