Saturday, January 24, 2015

Farmer's Market Bounty

Eating healthy is often not as easy or cheap as eating crap.  I'm lucky enough to live somewhere with a nice market.  During the summer it's a great source for locally grown produce, meat & eggs.  Year round it's basically a produce wholesale outlet.  Some things will be cheaper at Aldi's and lot of times you have to pick through to find the good stuff, but the trip is worth it.  I spent $40 on all this

That's quite a bit for a family of 3, especially since there are a couple of onions and packages of berries that you can't see well.  I still have some eggplant, cabbage and potato left over from last week, so we should eat well this week!

My money goal for February is to feed the family for less than $300.  I have quite a few beans and stuff in storage so it should go well.  Maybe I can do it for March too.   That's $1.19 a meal per person.  That amount has to include any we spend on eating out and meals out can really impact a budget.

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