Friday, January 30, 2015


My week starts on Saturday really - being a balloon artist will really make your schedule different from everyone else's.  So I decided to start my menu planning on Saturday.

Made myself a simple (read, not ink intensive) planner and can print it out to add to my master calendar binder.  I also made a simple shopping list.  I can do both in just a notebook, but I always lose notebooks, I don't lose my master calendar.

Now I have to figure out why everything saves with gray background.  Right now I am using my husband's computer and he must have some odd settings.  When I do it on mine the background saves as white.  It printed from google docs with white.  I can't wait to be using my own computer again.  Ok, fixed it.  When I save things as jpg on this computer the background is gray.  That's why my squats pictures are so odd.  I save them with white, but this computer makes it crazy.  Saving as a png seems to have fixed it for now.

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