Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The $300 - planning

$300 a month for groceries is $392 LESS than the USDA says we should spend on a budget meal plan for a family our size.  It's even less than welfare figures - which is $4 a day per person.  I won't do it every month.  I'm going to try to for 3 months and if it doesn't work I will up it to $400 a month.  Still enough for me to save.  My goal is to spend $1.19 per person per meal and BANK $1.19 per person per meal.  That savings will come in handy during my slow season.  Work can be scarce during the winter and this year was tighter than most.  I don't want that kind of stress anymore, so I'm going to try to save 4x as much during the busy season this year.

That money is going to be set aside and not talked about.  Talked about money is vulnerable.  There is ALWAYS some crisis that sucks it up.  It's like the car or appliances know when I have extra money so they take it.  It's going to be my secret.

I have goals for the money.

1.  To have 3 months of income ready for the winter
2.  To have an additional 2 months of income ready for whatever
3.  To pay for the kiddo to take some classes at the community college.
4.  Race entry fees.  We love races and the community at them, but when you pay $30-80 per race per person it adds up!

That's a LOT I know, but my summer income is nearly triple my winter income, and food isn't the only place I am cutting back.  I'm trying to get the whole family in on it.  I know the kid is on board, just have to get the husband motivated!  His weakness is vending machines.  I'm going to assign each of us an allowance, so he can visit the machines SOME, but will know his limits.  

I guess getting my stuff together financially was one of my New Year's Resolutions, even if I didn't realize it a month ago.  :-)

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