Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The $300 budget update

I had $206, but I've spent some since then.

Here's the breakdown

-  44(farmer's market)
-  20 (4 packages of hamburger on markdown)
-    5 (cheese)
-    5( goat cheese)
-    3 (gluten free freezer waffles)
-    3(butter)

I have $146 left for the month.  That's not too far off target.

We've been eating well.  Had one of those chickens from month 1 the other day, tonight we'll have porkchops and I've had some fancy salads for lunch.

Like this one.  It has pomegranate seeds that I froze when I ended up with several of them on sale.

Colorful salads are the best!

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