Monday, March 2, 2015

Heavy Lifting

I don't lift weights often enough.  Working on that, but not as consistent as I feel I should be.  Especially for my upper body.  I have pretty strong legs.

This weekend I got a chance to use my leg muscles and a reminder of how having something besides baby arms might be useful.  Well, arms and chest.  I just really need to work on my whole upper body.

We were in a minor car accident.  No other cars involved, just slid on some ice when my husband took a turn too fast.  (moments after I got told I was over reacting and he knows how fast he's going and it's not unsafe and just leave him alone)  The Fusion is out of commission right now.  Not sure if we need a new wheel or tie rods or something else.  But it's not driveable.  That meant we had to get the VW out of the garage.  It's been there for awhile because it needs some work and we just didn't have the money.  Still needs work, but we don't have a choice about driving it and hopefully the mechanic looking at it today will be able to give us a price we can work with.  Anyway - we had to get it out of the garage.  The battery was dead but it had been going bad and we knew it needed replacing, so driving it out wasn't an option.  We had to push.  Up a slight incline which felt like a mountain when pushing  a car.

We made no headway when just pushing it.  My husband is pretty strong, but pushing a car uphill isn't easy and like I said, I have the upper body strength of an infant.  Then I had an attack of the smarts and positioned myself to use my legs more effectively.  Largely without help I was able to push it up and out of the garage.

Years of being morbidly obese left me with really strong legs.  It makes sense.  For 15 years I was toting the weight of at least one other person around everywhere I went.  I don't carry most of that weight anymore but I do still have some pretty strong legs.

Now to work on my upper body.  I don't need to look like a body builder, but I would like the strength to eventually do silks with my daughter.  You need a lot of muscle and control to pull that off and right now I'm nowhere near ready.  By the end of the summer though.  That's my goal.  :-)

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