Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21 - Market Report

I spent $43 today.

Lots of goodies today

2 yellow bell peppers
3 orange bell peppers
12 roma tomatoes
green grapes (free)
4 kiwi fruits
bucket of spinach
2 boxes of clementines
4 lbs of sweet potatoes
2 lbs of globe grapes
4 lbs black grapes
9 lemons
9 limes
1 small head brocoli
24 blood oranges
2 boxes of strawberries
lime pepper
ancho powder
Lime fiesta spice
some sort of salad peppers.  don't know what kind but they were only $1, so I decided to try them.  They're not spicy at all.

Then I got home and had a salad.

In addition to my market trip I spent $5 on cheese, $7 on rice and chickpeas, & $4 on feta.

This is week 8, but payday comes in the middle of the week, so I have one more market trip to get through.  Going to have to shop light next week - but that should be doable.  Right now I have $37 left for that trip.  That does put 5 trips in March, but not all months are created equal.  :-)

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