Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The 300 - finding things to cook

Menu planning on a budget is a bit of an art.  Not a hard art that takes years of training and dedication - more like learning to use a Spirograph.  IT's easy and pretty fun when you get it right.

I've enjoyed the past month of eating well on the cheap but I'm feeling the need to stretch my cooking wings a bit.  A lot of cookbooks call for stuff I have no idea how to get.  I knew what rose water was but had no idea it was so pricey.  Luckily a little goes a long ways and I found it cheap at the market.  Still looking for black currants.

This past weekend I stumbled across a cache of old cookbooks at a thriftshop.  They were the kind that churches put out as fundraisers.  I snapped up all 16 of them because those are the kinds of things I hoard.

As I was going through them I realized that they are a treasure of things that can ACTUALLY be cooked and usually for less.  These are the recipes that people used and while I need to modify some, they are a great place to start.

I reviewed the oldest one on my other blog

Here's a link.

I went through that one first because it had the most personality.  :-)

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