Thursday, February 26, 2015

The $300 - month one, week 4, day 5

In the last week of month one.  I've already admitted that we went $17  over budget, but it didn't have to be that way.  I am starting to feel like we over bought on some of the produce items.  It's actually not easy using them all up in a week.  I still have butternut squash from two weeks ago and zucchini from last week.  On Saturday I will adjust my veggie spending accordingly.  I will need more peppers because I didn't buy any this week.  Learning to USE everything I buy has been more of a battle than I thought.  Less waste = healthier meals and more $$ in my pocket.  Next month I am going to focus on some planning.  I'm still bad at that.  I'm also going to get a Costco membership and see if I can cut our cheese bill down.  We go through a lot of cheese.  By we I mean my kid & husband.  I have issues with cheese, so I buy shredded to keep myself from devouring it.  The kid & hubbie like to have cheese on everything.  We saw a sign that said "The secret ingredient is always cheese" and that pretty much sums up their way of think.  :-)

I found this link to budget meals.  I generally like Home Tips World.  I see a lot of their stuff on facebook.  I have not gone through all of the meals, but some look promising.

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