Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big Sur Half

The youngest and I have decided to register for the Big Sur Half in November.  It's a great race and I love love love Monterey.  We have also decided to register my mom for the 5k that weekend.  She's not so sure. I know she can do it and it might be a fun vactation.  Besides, it will be cold in Missouri & Arkansas that time of year.  It might be cool in CA, but cool is better than cold.

She said she would think about it.  I said I was buying it and she had several months to get ready and find someone to help my dad watch the horses.  I operate under the philosophy that if you give people an out they will take it all too often.  So, while I can't force her to go, I can guilt her into it.  :-)

And I can't leave myself any outs either.  Now to get serious about the training!

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