Monday, February 23, 2015

The $300 - Market Report

This week at the market I spent $36 and this is what i got

1 bottle of orange blossom water
1 bottle of rose water
1 bag of grapefruit
2 bags of tangerines
6 mangoes
2 boxes of bananas - about 48 bananas.  The browner ones on top were f ree.  I'm going to make banana bread with them sometime this week.
12 lemons
5 nectarines
4 yellow squash
1 eggplant
4 giant baking carrots
3 cucumbers
1/2 lb ginger root
3 smaller head broccoli which I forgot to put in the photo

This is my last market visit for the month.  I didn't buy any peppers this week because we still have some to use up.   I spent the pepper money on rose water and orange blossom water.  I have a couple of recipes that call for that.  I used the orange blossom water yesterday and it's interesting.  Takes a second to get the soapy scent out of my mind.  It does NOT taste like soap, but so much of the food experience is scent and it reminds me of some fragranced soap.  I have read that rose water can do the same.  Looking forward to trying it though.  Both were VERY expensive on amazon, but very cheap at the Mediterranean market at the City Market.

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