Monday, February 16, 2015

Blacklight 5k

I'm finally doing another 5k.  Well maybe.  I've done this course before and it was easy enough that I doubt their measurements.

It's the Blacklight Run out in Bonner Springs KS.

I'm excited because of the people I am doing it with.  A group of sarcastic women who are not easily embarrassed.  It's so much fun to be with people who are not afraid to just have fun instead of worrying what people are thinking.  We are the Lightning Broads.  The kid is going.  Dan - my magician friend - described my  kid as Daria come to life.  I'm going to have to find that show for her to watch.

It's also exciting because it will be the first 5k for 3 of the women.  One used to weight 550 and now weighs 350 and did it WITHOUT surgery.  She's changed her diet and added exercise - giving herself a new lifestyle.  She's also dealing with why she got there.  I think it's rare for someone to get that large without an underlying problem.  Of course that comes from my own background and I know that it was more than just eating for fun.  That was some of it, but I was medicating with food.  And medicating with the wrong foods, some of which triggered more depression.   Currently I get severely itchy if I eat the wrong foods, so I have no problem staying away from them.  If only I had that reaction to cheese.  :-)

Back to the topic at hand.  I'm excited to have the opportunity to do this run/mostly walk with fun women who are actually interested in becoming healthy - not quick fixes.  I also remember how excited and nervous I was at my first race event.  It'll be fun to be there with race virgins who are experiencing it for the first time.  I love the running community.  Probably more than the running.  Actually a lot more than the running.

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