Monday, February 9, 2015

Virtual Bike Ride - Days 6, 7 & 8

Friday, Saturday & Monday.  I took Sunday off because my legs and butt were sore.  :-)

Friday was the big day.  I went 20 miles and ended up just past Ottawa, KS.  I think that's the last total street view video I do.  Too much of a pain to track where i am and it's also long.  I like the "fly over" version where you can see a wider view of what the country side looks like.  Especially in KS where the interstate is boring boring boring.

Once I go far enough to reach Whicita I will exit the interstate and kind of cut diagonal arcross the rest of the state until I reach New Mexico where I go west on I-40.  When we drove this it took FOREVER.  KS isn't a big state unless you are driving across it diagonally.  When we drive it again this year, it will again take forever, but we will be prepared with more than 1 cd.  LOL  I forgot them last time and we had Taylor Swift. (11 year old daughter with me) and that was it.  Took awhile before I could listen to Taylor again.

Friday - 20 miles

Saturday - 10 miles

Monday - 10 miles

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