Monday, February 23, 2015

A different kind of waste

I hear a lot of people saying that fast food is the only alternative for many poor people and how the $1 menu is the only way to afford the calories needed to keep yourself going when you are working with a limited budget.  I almost bought that. I will say that it's EASIER than dealing with buses and the like to get the food and cooking after a long day, but it's not CHEAPER.

Right now my son, his girlfriend and their kid are staying with us.  Our food budgets are separate and I have noticed how much they eat out.  My youngest did a fairly conservative estimate and guessed that they spend at least $600 a month of food because they get fast food so often.  $10 a meal, twice a day x 30 days.  That does not include the amount they spend on soda and other junk food, but that's a rant for another day.

I found this chart online showing how much the various fast food companies sell each year.  41billion?  that is so so so much money.

Fast food can easily account for a huge percentage of your budget.  I know that when we had all 4 kids at home it was easily $30 for us to eat at a burger joint.  That was a few years ago, I image that it's even higher now.  But all of that money can buy real food. Food that won't leave you feeling hungry or icky.  The grease always gives me the icks.  I don't think anyone should give up anything 100%.  We still eat out sometimes, but not very often.  It's a treat, not a lifestyle.  That's my goal to maintain a healthier, budget and waste (not to mention waist) conscious lifesytle.

Some other interest graphics I found online.   Most are from  They have some pretty wonderful resources.

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