Friday, June 13, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 4

b/p  117/76
allergies - some congestion on waking, a little during the day
energy - SUCKED in the morning.  exhausted exhausted exhausted, until about 6pm then I felt like I had just ingested a pot of coffee and had all sort of energy.  then my  mind wouldn't shut up so I could go to sleep.

That's never been me.  I have a million things to think about before sleep and last night it felt like 2 million.
exercise - lots of housework.  Trying to minimize the amount of stuff I own, so that it doesn't own me and I've been going through everything.

Detox was heavy in the morning.  I felt like I was experiencing hot flashes with all the sweating.  I was hot, everyone else kept saying it wasn't hot.  The tired that I talked about.  Brain fog - couldn't remember the words for anything.  Them BAM it was gone.  I got up great this morning, not tired, not begging for extra sleep - or just taking it like yesterday.  Lots of energy and a great mood.

I didn't have my kombucha yesterday.  Just didn't have the urge.  I have noticed that I don't see my trigger foods and want them either.  Cheese is a huge one for me.  I see cheese and then I eat cheese.  It's hard to resist when I am fasting - but right now I can see it and not want it.  Same goes for chocolate.  The amount of milk I drank yesterday decreased a little too.  A couple of times I wasn't hungry when it was time for my glass.  I don't force myself when I'm not hungry, so I skipped those.  They were both in the evening.  Trying to keep the water up though.  Added some mint from the garden to my water.  Very tasty.

Today will be interesting since it's my first work day after starting the fast.  Ballooning can be intense and exhausting.  Will see how it goes.

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