Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 1

Day 1 - 

b/p  127/78  Better than yesterday.  Still in the pre-hypertension stage, but much more normal for me than the reading I got yesterday.
allergies:  congested when I got up, mildly sniffly since then.
energy:  about the same as yesterday.  not go go go, but not sleep sleep sleep.  Just kind of muddling through.
exercise:  stationary bike, 3 20min sessions

Overall, felt good.  Still a bit lethargic, but I really do miss the sunshine.  I should never move to Seattle or London.  Can't handle this much rain.  Wasn't really hungry, but did have to fight off the craving for eating.  Not food, but the act of eating.  

I've been trying to drink the milk evenly throughout the day.  Can't do every half hour like the milk cure, but I can manage every hour.  If I drink 6oz every hour I am awake that's 3 quarts.  Then I'll also have my water and kombucha when I'm thirsty, not hungry.  Three quarts is between 1800-1900 calories depending on who does the figuring.  If I stay moderately active that should be a good amount.   If I feel bloated or like I am gaining weight, I'll cut back

I'm not a fan of washing dishes, so I am drinking from a pint sized mason jar.  They have measurements and I don't need to get a measuring cup dirty too.  It may be just one extra dish, but if I am doing this 18 times a day, that's 18 extra dishes to wash out every time.  A few seconds here and there add up to a lot in my life.  I have about a billion things I'm already  not getting to on my list.  After I drink my milk, I rinse the jar and refill it to the 6oz line.  Then it's ready for next time.

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