Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Day 2

Yesterday was the day I meet my "milk dealer" in a parking lot.  yes, that's right, I buy my milk from the back of a van in a parking lot.  LOL

b/p  123/78  
allergies:  congested in the morning.  Later in the day I had a lot of drainage and pressure in my back sinuses.  So did my husband and kid.  I'm thinking something was lurking in the air.
energy:  More energy.  No nap.
exercise:  stationary bike, 3 20min sessions

Evening craving for food was an issue again.  It's not the food really, just the act of eating.  It comes when I am cooking dinner for the family.  I want to sit down and eat with them.  

I don't have hunger during the day. Spreading the milk out means I am  constantly getting something in, so hunger isn't an issue.  Lots of time in the bathroom, but mostly because I have to pee.  With juice fasting the first day or so meant lots of time in the bathroom too - but not just because I had to pee.  Had a bit of that yesterday, but not nearly as much.  Even though it's juiced there is still quite a bit of fiber in the liquid veggies.  Not as much as eating them of course, but more than with milk.  

Woke up with runny eyes.  Not sure if that belongs under allergies or if it's die off.  Days 2-5 are usually when I experience die off.  Did have a bit of dizziness and fogginess yesterday, but not the night sweating.  Breakouts are just starting.  Always on my back first.  Good thing I don't plan on wearing a swimsuit this week.  Interesting thing about my skin problems when I am detoxing. I always get pimples, but not whiteheads exactly.  There are waxy plugs in the bumps.  It's not like they are old pimples as I have seen suggested online.  It only happens when I am detoxing.  So far I've dealt with it by taking hot showers and using scrub on my face made with honey, sugar and castille soap.  Seems to help.  In a few days my skin will be looking great.  A nice side effect to fasting - I always get great skin.  It lingers until I start eating badly again.  Goal this time is to keep eating clean after the fast.  Not that it's not always a goal, but I'm dedicating myself to it again.

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