Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Minimizing the stuff

Stuff weighs you down.  I have way too much stuff.  The problem is that stuff also attaches itself to you and can be very hard to get rid of.  I have spent some time this morning trying to detach myself from some of my possessions.  I don't want to be owned by my things anymore.

One of the hardest things to get rid of has been shoes.

I have a LOT of shoes.  I love them.  They are like art to me. I collect them and enjoy just looking at them sometimes..  However I am not going to wear some of them.  Somebody else might, so I got rid of 10 pair.  I need to get rid of more, but as I said, you get attached.  10 was a good start.  After pair 5 it got a bit easier to put them in the box.  Went back and tossed in a couple that I had left our originally.

clothes, plates, water bottles....anything we had too much of and were not using.  gone gone gone.  More to do, but one day at a time.  At the moment about 50lbs of stuff has left my house.  Another 50lbs tomorrow (stuff can weigh a lot!)

I am me purge!

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