Monday, June 9, 2014

Raw Milk Fast

I often use fasting as a way to cleanse my body when I've ingested gluten.  I can have a pretty severe reaction to it and fasting seems to help me recover.

I've done water fasting and several rounds of juice fasting, but this time I've decided to try a milk fast or "milk cure" depending which articles your read. I'll do a 14 day fast this time around.  I'll have to increase the amount of milk I purchase for the month, because from what I've read I'll need more than the 1 1/2 gallons a week we buy  now.  most people drink between 1/2 & 1 gallon a day.  I'll schedule another milk pick up on Friday since we get 2 gallons on Tuesday.  That should give me enough & keep my fridge from being over full.  Also it means the milk will be fresher.

With the milk "cure" bed rest was advocated.  Not going to happen in my life.  I will tone it down if I have to because I'm not feeling it, but otherwise, it will be life as normal.  Also if I find that I am not doing well, I'll just discontinue the whole thing.  Not everything works for everybody, so I'll see how my body does with this thing.  In addition to the milk I'll be having filtered water and 1 bottle of kombucha a day.

What I'll be "eating" for the next couple of weeks.

Day 0- This was getting ready day.  Ate very light and all clean foods.  Drank normally and had a bottle of kombucha.  

b/p  143/81  Didn't expect it to be that high, I'll have to keep an eye on that.
allergies: sniffly, but not too bad
energy - hit or miss all day.  not sure how much of my lagging was due to the gray day outside and how much was from just not eating much.
exercise:  I was lazy, so just whatever I got while doing housework.

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