Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ad that got my attention

ads are supposed to grab your attention and make you want to click.  This one got my attention all right and I've been in a mood ever since.

Answers to the question posed in the ad:

You can't have her because she's 14 or 15! 

or maybe she is legal and the answer is that you can't have her because you spend too much time trying to trick women into dating you instead of developing interests and finding women who share those. I don't think 95% of men make the same mistakes with women. Just 100% of the people willing to spend hundreds on this program.

How about you can't have her because she's not property to be possessed?

I did some research ( I googled the site in question and reviews of it)  Even more reason to want to vomit.  There seems to be a part on how to date a model and this is from a review site. 

That's what gets me.  Why do women have to be sweet as sugar?  Why do all men have every "right" to be with a woman who is banging hot?  

Here is a test you can take to see if you deserve to be with a woman who is super model hot.

Have you ever been confused with Chris Hemsworth - or are you ACTUALLY Chris Hemsworth?  You know, Thor?  If you can not be mistaken for a god then maybe you don't have the "right" to be with a woman who could be mistaken for a goddess.  

Just saying

This crap is fed to us all the time.  On tv you get guys who are with women WAY out of their leagues.  They have neither the looks or bank account to warrant such a prize.  You see average looking men on tv, but you do not see average looking women - unless they are the plain jane friend.  Day in and day out it's there in print, online, movies, tv - every media we have is sending the message that all guys deserve porn stars and women are less than if they don't look like porn stars.  

Women who are healthy and fit, but not twig skinny are termed fat.  Women who have breasts in proportion to their body are flat chested.   Eating disorders are treated as a lifestyle and clothing is vanity sized to make everyone feel thinner - because you're nothing if you're not thin.  Every day I'm grateful that I have managed to raise daughters who can see through the nonsense.  Guess I should say children, my sons dont' seem to buy into it either.  Maybe it was because for so much of their childhood I was obese.  That didn't make me less of a person, so they learned that women don't have to be "perfect" to be perfect.  

I'm working on being a perfect person who is healthy too.  That's what I want depicted in media, healthy bodies and healthy attitudes about what women should look like. I don't want girls (and guys) to see these kinds of messages any more.  I don't think that's too much to ask for.

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