Monday, June 23, 2014

Raw Milk Fast - Days 13 & 14

13 was the easiest day.  Forgot to take my b/p though.  Just got sidetracked.

energy - good.  It was a work day, but I didn't have any issues at all.  even being a Saturday!  Saturdays can be rough.  My drinking schedule was off by a bit because I forgot to freeze my ice packs so I didn't take milk with me in the morning.  Still got my 3 quarts, just not spread out as much as I would have liked.

exercise - stood and made balloons for about 6 hours

allergies - great.  Even after I loaded the aprons.  the dust from inside balloons always makes me sniffly when  have to load aprons, but I was ok for the whole day.

Day 14
Last day!

b/p 116/73
energy - very good
allergies - breathing clear
exercise - same as Saturday, only I did balloons for about 4 hours instead.

It's been an interesting two weeks.  Not food wise of course.  I'm pretty bored with milk.  I'll still be drinking a lot for the next week though.  I am going to start by adding one meal a day for a couple of days and then go up to normal gradually.  No need to shock my system.

I was happy to see my b/p go down and the way my allergies feel.

I was VERY happy to see that one of my tophi has is totally invisible.  Might still be there under the skin, but you can't see it and the 2nd one is noticeably smaller.  No sign of a gout flare up pending, but I don't have them that often, so I won't credit the milk fast with that.  Hopefully if I keep eating clean I'll see the 2nd tophi go away and I won't have a occurrence.

overall this was a very good experience and I will do it again at some point in the future.  Might do a mini one of 3 days or so more often - but a big one maybe once a year.

Oh, and I lost 12lbs.  I usually gain when I consume 1900 calories a day, but I did lose.  I wasn't trying to, need to, but that wasn't my goal for this.   Just a happy side effect.

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