Monday, February 10, 2014


Something else to think about when making my food choices today.  I enjoyed the ice cream and it's ok to have a treat, but the sugar made me feel kind of icky because I don't eat overly sweet stuff very often.  Choice/consequence.  Have to decide if it's worth it.  In this case, probably not.  On my cheat days where I eat wheat (I am allergic) I know I will feel badly, but sometimes it's worth it.  My favorite food on earth is German gingerbread.  Once or twice a year I have some and the taste is worth the stomach cramps, breakouts and bad mood.  I'm not sure ice cream falls into that category.  Also, it's a trigger food for me.  I eat some, I want more.  I filled up on water and will do so again today to avoid the craving.  

No, however tasty it was, it wasn't worth it.  

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