Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Lunch

Today I'm having pintos with jalapenos for lunch.  It's really kind of a side dish, but who says you can't make a meal from a side.  I just love beans, they're cheap, filling and very very tasty.  For dinner I'll bake some chicken and serve them as an actual side.

The recipe is here

Unlike several of my other recipes this one got a A on the rating scale.  Although, I pretty much expected the caramels to get an F.  Only because there isn't an F-.  Although it's not diet friendly, I do use butter over margarine.  Why?  Because I like milk better than oil.  I'll use olive oil, but margarine just doesn't taste right to me.  Even though there is butter, I'm not Paula Deen.  I didn't go overboard.  4tablespoons for 25 servings isn't too much per bowl.  

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