Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waffles & Beer

Waffles & Beer

Those are the two things I miss most about having gluten in my life. I have an awesome waffle maker and I don't get to eat the products any more. I loved odd beers from small breweries and I can't have those anymore. Hebrew was one of my favorites. It's the Chosen Beer according to the label. 

I don't miss the weird rashes, feeling sick all the time or the depression. I didn't even know I was depressed until I wasn't anymore - but that one thing alone is worth not having pizza, bread, waffles or beer. 

It's not easy to avoid all the gluten products and it's not always fun. At Panara the manager once checked for me and the only soup they had that was gluten free was the corn chowder. That was my favorite so I was happy - but what if I hadn't remembered to check. Tomato soup is there but it is NOT gluten free. I wouldn't have given it a second thought because it didn't seem like the kind of thing that would have gluten, but it does. I usually stay away from Panara and other bakery/restaurants - but I also don't like to hold friends hostage to my food issues. 

At a different restaurant I forgot to ask if there were croutons on the salad. There were and they were extra crumbly so I couldn't eat the salad at all. My friend took it and I had to order again. I always have to avoid bbq sauce because most of the time it isn't safe and the staff very rarely knows if it is. 

At home I'm more in control, but I have to stay on my toes. Just because one thing doesn't have it this week doesn't mean they won't change their formula next week. I read labels a LOT. If it says modified food starch it is usually corn starch - except that sometimes it isn't so I avoid things that I'm not sure about. 

Basically this is a pain in the rear! So when I encounter people who live this way on purpose - because they think it is a magic bullet to weight loss I am flabbergasted! Yes you will lose weight when you avoid all wheat products - but you will still lose it if you eat them in moderation and avoid the ones that come in the form of things like cookies and pizza. And unless you are willing to make other lifestyle changes you will have to commit to eating gluten free forever. No bread ever again? Why do that unless you are like me and you have to?? 

Manufacturers are quick to pick up on fads. I noticed that the bacon and green beans I bought this week were both labeled as gluten free. That cracked me up. 

Yes I still eat bacon - moderation is the key. Unless a food contains gluten I put it on the "once in a while list" I don't banish anything I really like. That's where I've always failed before. I want something and instead of learning to have a little I had zero or too much. 

So waffles and beer don't get to be on that list. They are gone from my life forever and I miss them. Not enough to feel that way again - but it's like that bad boy you dated in high school. He was trouble, and you don't want to go back there again, but part of you still misses the fun.

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