Saturday, February 8, 2014

How about some Motivation?

I am moving some of my more interesting posts on fitness from my old blog to this one.  This was from about 2 years ago.


So how about some motivation

I see motivational quotes, pictures and thoughts everywhere.  I have my own vision board with things that I want to achieve, but I don't know that any of it really hit home like a picture I saw in Fitness Magazine.  Normally I avoid those mags because they seem to be mostly ads and that just doesn't interest me.  Picked this one up on a whim and as I flipped through it I saw a picture very similar to this one.

both are human legs, the first is someone who works out, the second is a couch potato.  The one in the magazine was even more dramatic, but this one gets my point across.  See how the second one looks all marbled like a steak at the butcher counter?  Both legs are similar on the outside, so the people were probably the same sizeish.  But one is much much much stronger and healthier.  

A few years ago I noticed that my strength just collapsed.  I didn't really go up in weight but I was no longer the strong powerhouse I had normally been.  No more hiking.  No more long walks.  Just going up the stairs winded me.  I'm sure the fat had finally taken over my muscles and I was becoming a week marbled couch potato.  

I finally got moving and I can feel that my legs are about a billion times stronger than they were before I started.  I still have way too much fat, but under that is starting to be some serious muscle.  Just have to keep working until it shows.

My new inspirational photo is this one

I want to be 74 with muscles, not squishy with a tiny muscle center.

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