Saturday, February 8, 2014

slow is how you look at it

When I started it took me 35 minutes to do a mile.  And I was EXHAUSTED long before that mile was finished.  Then I got down to 15 on a good day.  I've not run in awhile, so it may be 17, 18 or even 19 now.  Still beats 35.  

To me at least.  I met a woman once who said that 15 might as well be walking.  I can see that but the motions are different.  I can actually walk faster than I run.  How odd is that?  While I do see where her thoughts were coming from, I was once again shocked by the number of people who like to discourage heavy folk from exercising.  It's like a mission with some of them.  Is it offensive that I try to exercise even though I can't always do it "right"?  What is it about a fat person trying to get healthy that brings out the need to criticize and put down?  I think maybe it stems from insecurity about what they are doing in their own life.  If I'm exercising and they are not, but they are fit and I am not - what does it say about them?  It's my best guess.  I don't care what other people do or don't do in their own life, and it annoys me when strangers feel free to comment on mine.

My goal is to be back down to that 15 min by the end of spring.  I'll set a new goal after that.

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