Thursday, February 13, 2014

So maybe I was wrong

Really thought I was better this morning.  At least mostly better.  Then about 1:30 the fever came roaring back and I ended up back in bed for several hours.  Well back on couch.  I like the recliner part.  Helps me breathe easier.  When the kid came home I was as pathetic as humanly possible.  She was not amused.  Her sister said that I have 15 years or taking care of her and teenagers whine too much so I was entitled to as much complaining and whining as I wanted.  Of course sister lives across town and didn't have to deal with me.

Used a Nuun with my last bottle of water.  Seemed like a good idea.  everyone says gatorade, but I like Nuun better.

I feel like Homer right now

Did a pretty good imitation of that expression earlier too.  LOL

I am actually better than I was yesterday - but I did the big no-no.

I did too much before I was ready.  I know better.  I'm good about it when I get a running injury.  Just couldn't make myself ignore the to-do list for life and pushed too hard.

Here's to an easier day so I can get all the way better before I tackle the world.

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