Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making up for yesterday

Darn headache sidetracked me yesterday, but I got out there today and did 3miles.

Three sluggish, tortoise like miles.

And I loved every second of it!

Felt so good to get out there even if it wasn't perfect.

Some surprising aches.  The knee I fell on didn't hurt.  I expected it to, but it was fine.  Shin pain today.  Which I don't often have.  My hip hurt, but after I got hit by that truck a few years back, I've come to expect that  At least until I can get loosened up and work on those muscles again.

I could tell from my shadow that my hip was throwing my gait off.  Had that obese person limp.  If you've been obese, you know what I mean.  The hips get tight and cause you to kind of rock instead of just moving forward.

I'll work that out because I do NOT want to be that person again!

And today I'm not. I will celebrate my 3 miles because it felt good and deserve to be celebrated!

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