Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creating My Life

Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw 

That's one of my two favorite quotes. I love Shaw - he was something else. That's how I want to be remembered - as someone who was a character - someone who created her life instead of just getting through. 

For a lot of years it really wasn't that way. I let life control me and that's part of how I ended up so overweight. The journey back to who I want to be has been interesting so far. I've learned a lot about myself and quite a bit about other people too actually. 

Some people are super supportive and want me to succeed, grow and prosper. Lots of those people are here on online and I may  never meet them, but they take a second to send me happy thoughts. It makes me feel great when so many people take time out of their lives to wish me well. Thank you all. 

Sadly, not all people are supportive. There haven't been many, but a couple of people in my life simply can not handle the change. I've severed ties with one and may have to with another. I do wish them well, but my life does not have a place for people who are going to drag me down. 

Part of creating my life is making choices. I always made choices, but sometimes I would choose to do nothing and let life flow by or let other people decide for me. Not any more I am in charge now and every day I get to make the choices that determine how my day will go. Even when everything around me is horrid and I wish for nothing more than to go and hide - even then I have a choice. I can choose to hide and let it get the best of me or I can choose to deal with it and become a stronger person. 

Creating my life also includes planning. How does that old adage go "failing to plan is planning to fail" I hated it when my dad used to spout it off, but turns out he was right. Now I'm working on learning to plan because that's how I will succeed. 

Another important thing that comes with creating my life is letting myself have it. I am worth it and I deserve it. It's ok to be a little selfish and go to the gym even when there is stuff to do. I deserve that hour a day and taking it is a good thing.

So I've quit trying to find my life and have set off to create it.

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