Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Out of bed

Or rather, off the couch.

Drinking lots of fluids is helping and I will own up to the one teaspoon of honey flavored whiskey to calm the pain in my throat.

Not having a super productive day yet.  Still have a giant to-do list that didn't get done yesterday.  Not going to get done today either.  And what is it with dishes?  Is nobody else capable of washing them???  I'm not contributing to them right now - can't stand the thought of solid food, so I'm thinking the family should fix that before I feel better.  Otherwise I'm going to be even grumpier than I am now.  And I'm pretty darn grumpy when I'm sick!

But all is not doom and grump

This made me smile.

I have that same expression after my third cup of coffee.  LOL

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